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#best of lazdo: my art with 100+ notes

note: some art is mildly not worksafe.

please do not repost any of my art to weheartit, instagram, 9gag, or wherever else. if you really can't contain yourself, add a link back here.

  • i like drawing fluffy clouds
    please play disgaea 4 just for the gay tsundere werewolf
    gave me an irl giggle-fit, no joke.
    oh hi artblog
yeah i’m alive!!!
this is my first drawing of joy in like six months, orz.

    oh wow, my art blog has hit 400+ followers! hooray!

    …even though i haven’t posted any art in almost two months. sob.

    i’m around, i’m just not drawing much lately. but thank you to everyone who’s stuck around! i’m sure i will get back in the drawing mood eventually, so stay tuned.

    yea! yea!!
    You must not say the forbidden name! It shall open Pandora’s Gate, and bring about the End of All Things!
    tra la la working on comics

Let’s start the new year off!! A new page of Odd Nauseam will finally go up tonight around midnight. I want to apologize to all my readers for how I’ve dropped the ball on continuing this comic for the past 6 months or so. Life has been really insane for me. Here is just a small list of what was going on in my life in 2013:
FInishing last semester of law school
Graduating and moving back to Florida from Georgia
Preparing for the Florida Bar exam (approximately 6 weeks of stress and 8-10 hours a day studying extremely boring material)
Dealing with living at my father’s house, which (long story short) was extremely awkward and unpleasant for me
Trying to find a job and being completely broke (with a big thank you to my boyfriend for helping me out for several months)
Starting that new job
Moving into my own apartment (almost done unpacking as of today!)
Generally attempting to be a Real Adult for the first time in my life
So… comics were, sadly, not at the top of my to-do list. Things are only just now settling down, so it’s my hope that I can get back into weekly updates of high-quality pages for you guys!
Anyway, thank you for reading and sticking around and I hope you continue to enjoy my comic! :>
    bonus shiroba and coobie REQUESTED BY A FRIEND HEY BOYYYY

    agentfantail said: Oh, I always feel a bit pushy sending requests, but if you could draw Fantail bros that'd be wonderful ;w;/ I don't mind if you ship it or not I love it all

    here you go, friend!! MERI KURI

    post-bbl sakuya getting used to this plebian christmas sweater photo thing. i like to think he starts visiting his mom and being part of the family more

    at first i couldn’t take this kid seriously, but the more i play the more i love him for just how amazing he really is.
> intensify slouch